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Gaming News
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin's release is nearly here, as is its convoluted, tiered pricing system.If you're planning to buy Scholar of the First Sin on Xbox One or PS4 (releasing April 7), the price is simple: $60. If you're ...
Published Mar 28, 2015
Typing of the Dead: Overkill will now let you type zombies to death with words of your choosing, Sega has announced.Typing of the Dead: Overkill plays just like a light gun game you'd find at an arcade, but instead of pointing and shooti...
Published Mar 28, 2015
Three separate instances of swatting are being attributed to a 13-year-old boy who plays Minecraft, according to local police.The name of the boy, who is from Southern California, is not being released due to his age. According to Ars Te...
Published Mar 28, 2015
We showcase most of the primary weapons in Bloodborne as well as a few choice firearms. What's your favorite weapon so far?
Published Mar 28, 2015
Mortal Kombat X will introduce a feature that allows players to more easily pull off the series' signature finishing moves, Fatalities.For many, Fatalities are the highlight of any Mortal Kombat game, but they can be tricky to pull off. ...
Published Mar 28, 2015