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Gaming News
Bungie will launch another Iron Banner event in Destiny by the end of the year that addresses feedback from players, the developer has announced.Destiny's competitive multiplayer normally balances the gap between higher and lower-level G...
Published Oct 25, 2014
Remaking the Legend, the documentary about the making of Halo 2: Anniversary, will be free to download via Xbox Video on October 31, Microsoft has announced.Halo developer 343 Industries said it recorded over 400 hours of footage and 80 ...
Published Oct 25, 2014
Sony has released a short video tutorial for Share Play, a new feature that allows you to share your PlayStation 4 games with friends who don't own them.As you can see in the video, Share Play is accessed through the PS4's party menu. If...
Published Oct 25, 2014
(Some Of) The Big Stuff:Ten-year Ubisoft veteran Jade Raymond left the French video game giant this week. She produced the original Assassin's Creed, its sequel, and various entries in the Splinter Cell series. Most recently, she worked ...
Published Oct 25, 2014
It's fitting that the music first greeting you in Legend of Grimrock II is a rousing, bombastic tune that would just as easily be at home in a summer fantasy blockbuster. The sequel is a grand adventure, a far cry from the claustrophobic...
Published Oct 25, 2014
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