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Gaming News
THE BIG STUFF: Microsoft Apologizes for Confusion Over 1080p/60fps Witcher 3 Footage on Xbox Channel: On Wednesday, Microsoft posted a new Witcher 3 gameplay video to its YouTube Xbox channel that ran at 1080p/60fps. But fans quickly poi...
Published Apr 25, 2015
University of Southern CaliforniaThe USC Games Program has long been considered the premier game design destination in the country. With high-profile faculty members straight from the industry itself and an assortment of stunning alumni ...
Published Apr 25, 2015
1. The Saw CleaverThis is the best weapon to use as training wheels when you start your quest. It's pretty lightweight, so it allows you to run in and thrash on your enemies without tuckering out. You may graduate to better weapons ...
Published Apr 25, 2015
1. Zilean Is Named After the Game’s Design DirectorZilean, the great Chronokeeper, is named after Tom "Zileas" Cadwell, a design director at Riot Games. Cadwell’s got an impressive pedigree, with a computer science degree f...
Published Apr 25, 2015
1. No campaign modeStar Wars: Battlefront will be without one major gaming mode when it's released: a single player campaign. Bummer? Kinda, yeah. But if you like to play alone, there's an offline solo mode to hone your skills ...
Published Apr 25, 2015