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Gaming News
In an interview with Games Industry International, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning is wary of how capitalism encourages constant, exponential growth and massive game budgets. Instead, developers should cater to niche audiences, making gam...
Published Mar 30, 2015
Today's best deal comes from Amazon, which has perhaps the top PS4 bundle to date: $400 get you the system, Bloodborne, The Last of Us Remastered, and a $20 gift card.Target has a buy one, get one 50 percent off deal going on for many of...
Published Mar 30, 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition's first major expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, will be released for PlayStation 4--as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360--sometime in May, developer BioWare announced today on Twitter."CONFIRMED: Dragon Age: Inquisition...
Published Mar 30, 2015
Chris Watters shows off the new airplane map and unique operator loadouts as he schemes and shoots his way through the closed alpha.
Published Mar 30, 2015
As I comb through raw gameplay footage of Rainbow Six Siege, I keep remembering the thought I had almost every time I finished a match: I could do better. I should've known they'd breach that wall, should've fortified that trap door, sho...
Published Mar 30, 2015