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Gaming News
Check out the greatest cosplay event at Comic-Con 2014, the Halo Cosplay meet up!
Published Jul 30, 2014
Watch extended gameplay footage from Pure Pool featuring the Giant Bomb crew.
Published Jul 30, 2014
Video games have a lot to show for their epic stories and The Walking Dead is one of the greats. We break down what makes it so fantastic.
Published Jul 30, 2014
Nintendo has filed three new trademark applications that give us a hint at what form the company's mysterious "Quality of Life" initiative may take. On July 25, Nintendo filed three different trademark applications with the United States...
Published Jul 30, 2014
Last week, we had the opportunity to play the Destiny beta test and check out some of the content that will be available in the game. Story missions, a Strike mission, and competitive multiplayer were all playable. But what we didn't get...
Published Jul 30, 2014
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