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Gaming News
Formerly exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Peggle 2 will release on the PlayStation 4 on October 14, publisher Electronic Arts has announced.First released on Xbox platforms in November 2013, PopCap's sequel to its simple but immen...
Published Aug 30, 2014
Front End ChangesChangelogGENERALRemoved waiting for spectators in private lobbiesCOMMUNITYIncreased low-priority ban rate for players who receive high numbers of reportsUSER INTERFACEAdded many new loading screen tipsFixed and adjusted ...
Published Aug 30, 2014
Team Meat, the developer behind the hit 2D indie platformer Super Meat Boy, has announced Super Meat Boy Forever, a mobile version of the game it says isn't just "a simple endless runner.""Our goal with Super Meat Boy: Forever is to desi...
Published Aug 30, 2014
Danny wanders into the Twitch booth at PAX Prime to chat with Jon Carnage, Justin Flynn and MAN about video games and Amazon acquisitions.
Published Aug 30, 2014
Loads of big services were taken down by hackers, Sony loves VR, and the games industry gets hit with abuse and harassment controversy.
Published Aug 29, 2014
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