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Gaming News
Although the game was never officially confirmed, Blizzard said today that the futuristic MMO is no longer under development.
Published Sep 23, 2014
After revealing that certain modes and features hadn't made the cut for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of NHL 15, EA Sports has released a free update adding some of those things back into the game.This update--the first of at least two t...
Published Sep 23, 2014
"You vaguely remember a child's rhyme... something about a flag and a nation. Childish notions indeed."I don't exactly remember which part of Wasteland 2 that quote is from, but it, more than anything else, highlights what the game is ab...
Published Sep 23, 2014
Microsoft's weekly sale for Xbox Live Gold members has begun, and as usual, the bulk of the deals can be found on Xbox 360.Whereas last week saw only a single Xbox One game discounted, this week gives you a choice of three: The Amazing S...
Published Sep 23, 2014
We bring back the developers of Cannon Brawl for their release, Explore a bit of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and throw our controllers across the room in Fenix Rage! All this plus the latest in gaming news, and we're giving away some c...
Published Sep 23, 2014
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