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Gaming News
In a bid to bolster the authenticity of 2015's Rainbow Six Siege, developer Ubisoft Montreal sought help from real-world special operations soldiers. The developer wrote on its blog that it invited GIGN operators to its office to play Si...
Published Oct 21, 2014
Count Hyrule Warriors among the games that will work with Nintendo's line of Amiibo figures--the Link one, at least.Nintendo announced on Twitter today that the Link Amiibo figure will work with Hyrule Warriors, which previously had not ...
Published Oct 21, 2014
American rock band Metallica will perform at BlizzCon 2014 next month, Blizzard Entertainment announced today. The band will perform the Saturday evening concert, taking place November 8.If you can't attend BlizzCon 2014 in person (ticke...
Published Oct 21, 2014
Sega announced today that the first of five Alien: Isolation post-release expansions, Corporate Lockdown, will be released on October 28. It features three "challenging and terrifying" maps for Isolation's Survivor Mode, and will sell fo...
Published Oct 21, 2014
The GameSpot crew gets their hands on some of the latest titles - F1 2014, Sunset Overdrive, Legend of Korra and Just Dance 2015! We'll play and talk about these games, bring you the latest in gaming news, and have an awesome time.
Published Oct 21, 2014
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