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If playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor got you in the mood for more The Lord of the Rings games, you still have one day left to get the perfect bundle.Bundle Star's $10 The Lord of the Rings Bundle includes four PC games: LEGO The Hob...
Published Oct 25, 2014
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that Microsoft might have been able to sell more units of its white Xbox One if it bundled it with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but that he wanted to use the white console to promote a new IP, Sunset ...
Published Oct 25, 2014
You can play the realistic military simulator Arma 3 for free this weekend on Steam and also buy it for $30, a 50 percent discount.The game is free to play now through Sunday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time, and the 50 percent discount offer will...
Published Oct 25, 2014
If you Google search a video game, Google's Knowledge Graph will now offer more details related to that game, like its release date, developer, publisher, and more.If you search for Civilization: Beyond Earth, for example, you'll see a p...
Published Oct 25, 2014
Bungie will launch another Iron Banner event in Destiny by the end of the year that addresses feedback from players, the developer has announced.Destiny's competitive multiplayer normally balances the gap between higher and lower-level G...
Published Oct 25, 2014
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