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Gaming News
An inkling runs through an Amiibo level in Splatoon.
Published May 27, 2015
Team orange goes on an inking spree in Turf War.
Published May 27, 2015
Watch extended gameplay footage from Regency Solitaire featuring the Giant Bomb crew.
Published May 27, 2015
In Sunset, you sweep dusty floors, wash spotted windows, and fold a stranger’s well-pressed, tailored clothes--every week for a full year.These acts might sound routine and tedious, but when you’re rooted in the fictional Latin Ameri...
Published May 26, 2015
Danny and Andy spotted Cyberpunk paraphernalia while shooting at CD Projekt's offices in Poland So with the news that the studio won't be talking about it soon, we discuss when we think we'll see it in action.
Published May 26, 2015