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Gaming News
Blizzard has revealed cards that will be introduced as part of the upcoming new Adventure Mode update for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.The cards will be part of the Curse of Naxxramas patch, a single-player expansion that will be intr...
Published Jul 22, 2014
Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA-like hero brawler from World of Warcraft developer Blizzard, has been in a closed alpha test since March. Every few weeks, the developer launches a new update, adding new content, changing balance, and rewor...
Published Jul 22, 2014
Here's your first look the gigantic lava worm Kanaloa in this video of upcoming shooter Firefall's Titan Battles. Titan Battles are 20-player instances intended for max-level characters, and players can set forth on the road to tackling ...
Published Jul 21, 2014
The fourth-ever Dota 2 International--the MOBA game's worldwide championship tournament--was won today by the team known as Newbee--which is now more than $5 million richer.In a best-of-five competition that took place in Seattle today, ...
Published Jul 21, 2014
Many of us desire peace in our twilight years. In Wayward Manor, the sentiment is equally true for an old, sentient house, which yearns for a tranquil retirement. This means that the boisterous family that lives there has to go, and it's...
Published Jul 21, 2014
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