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Gaming News
During this week's Electronic Arts earnings call, CFO Blake Jorgensen talked more about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game, which is in development at Battlefield series studio DICE.Jorgensen confirmed that the shooter is due to la...
Published Jan 28, 2015
New light has been shed on Ubisoft's crackdown of grey market PC game codes, with the publisher revealing that the games it has deactivated were purchased with fraudulent credit card information.On Tuesday it emerged that the publisher h...
Published Jan 28, 2015
A Nintendo 3DS loophole is allowing customers to play Game Boy Color ROMs on Nintendo's new hardware.To activate the loophole, users need to purchase a legitimate Game Boy Color game via the eShop, and then suspend the software and open ...
Published Jan 28, 2015
Nintendo managed to sell 3 million Wii U consoles worldwide during the final nine months of 2014, marking only a slight increase from the 2.4 million sold in the same period of 2013.The new figures bring the Wii U's total lifetime sales ...
Published Jan 28, 2015
A deal posted on Amazon includes a PlayStation 4 console bundled with newly-released zombie game Dying Light and a download code for The Last of Us Remastered for $430. The deal will run until 11:59PM PST on January 31.Earlier this month...
Published Jan 28, 2015