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Gaming News
N3AC3Y's level 30 Guardian Two weeks since launch, the first Destiny player has reached level 30. American Mark Edward Neace Jr., who goes by N3AC3Y on Xbox Live, achieved the feat on Monday with his male Exo Hunter character. His stats,...
Published Sep 23, 2014
Following a last-minute delay, Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the Xbox One will launch in China on September 29. The console was previously scheduled to arrive on September 23, but Microsoft said in a statement Friday evening that i...
Published Sep 23, 2014
A new discount on the Kinect-free version of Xbox One has made the console cheaper than the PlayStation 4 for the first time in the UK.The company is now selling Xbox One for £330 on the official Microsoft Store, making it some £20 che...
Published Sep 23, 2014
The Queen's Wrath limited time event in Destiny has started and her Emissary, Petra Venj, is in The Tower to sell you some goods.
Published Sep 23, 2014
The latest update to Destiny will tweak the difficulty of three missions as well as fix some problems found at the end of the Vault of Glass raid.Developer Bungie has announced on its website that three levels (on the Heroic tier, which ...
Published Sep 23, 2014
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