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Gaming News
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the long-awaited crossover between the two franchises, has finally arrived in North America, almost two years after it was originally released in Japan. The first reviews went live this ...
Published Aug 29, 2014
Nintendo of Europe is cutting around 320 jobs, the company has confirmed. This includes the 130 full-time staff confirmed to be on the way out back in June, and an additional 190 people who worked out of the company's Germany-based local...
Published Aug 29, 2014
The New 3DS (right) and New 3DS XL That another revision of a Nintendo handheld system is coming is no real surprise--routine hardware refreshes have been part of the company's business model for upwards of two decades (the DS had four d...
Published Aug 29, 2014
Jeremy runs down the five ship classes that will appear in Dreadnought and explores what each one does best.
Published Aug 29, 2014
Fable creator and industry veteran Peter Molyneux wants more developers to start making free-to-play games because, if they do, the model might lose its stigma. Right now, the free-to-play sector has been held hostage by match-three and ...
Published Aug 29, 2014
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