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Gaming News
Nintendo has showcased 47 new homepage themes for its 3DS handheld that fans can download individually for a small fee.The downloadable themes give the 3DS a visual overhaul by adding new wallpapers and background images, as well as cust...
Published Sep 30, 2014
Hotline Miami 2 has new weapons, executions, and a new soundtrack to close out the brutally violent saga.
Published Sep 29, 2014
In some sense, the world already has a series that carries on the Gauntlet legacy; it's called Diablo, and clearly, it's done all right for itself over the years. That said, while Diablo is accessible, it's not the kind of game you'd hav...
Published Sep 29, 2014
Join the Winx as they prepare Alfea for its upcoming anniversary!
Published Sep 29, 2014
The Windows 8 home menu...which might see some big changes. Windows 9 has not been officially announced, although we expect Microsoft to reveal the next version of their Windows operating system during a widely rumored press event schedu...
Published Sep 29, 2014
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