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The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen, the upcoming PC sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, continues to soar. The campaign has now raised more than $55 million (up from $51 million in mid-August), which is "unthinkable" f...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Chris Watters gives you some helpful tips to get you started in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
Published Oct 1, 2014
25 glorious minutes of defending against an ambush with nothing but scraps, all in the name of King Richard!
Published Oct 1, 2014
Halo: Nightfall is, alongside Steven Spielberg's Halo TV project, one of two projects with a major Hollywood name attached to it. Ridley Scott, best known as the director of Alien, Blade Runner, and Prometheus, has his name all over Nigh...
Published Oct 1, 2014
2015's Batman: Arkham Knight is aiming to be the "ultimate Batman simulator," according to developer Rocksteady Studios. The developer's marketing manager, Guy Perkins, explained in a new interview what the game needs to achieve for Rock...
Published Oct 1, 2014
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