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Gaming News
From the developers of Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, Worlds Adrift is an ambitious and massive online sandbox. Luke Williams of Bossa Studios explains the many open possibilities they strive for in day to day gameplay.
Published Oct 8, 2015
Sci-fi shooter Destiny will be getting a patch soon that nerfs Shotguns, Bungie has announced in its latest weekly update. The upcoming Update 2.0.1 will remove the Shot Package perk from all shotguns, making shotguns less lethal and thu...
Published Oct 8, 2015
The air was still when I finally took over Europe. After some 200 years, countless expansions, and political jockeying, I had everything from the British Isles to the western Ottoman Empire in my grasp. For the most part, my conquest was...
Published Oct 8, 2015
Sony announces PS4 price drop, video game voice actors are ready to strike over working conditions, and find out what kind of PC you need to run Fallout 4!
Published Oct 8, 2015
15: Dawn of the Dead (2004)A Zack Snyder remake of the classic George Romero film, the story remains as fresh today as it did when it first hit audiences in 1978. Starring Sarah Polley, Jake Weber, and Ving Rhames as the survivors of a m...
Published Oct 8, 2015