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Gaming News
Zorine and Jess delve into the murderous mind of Lucius and do some very bad things to unsuspecting NPCs. Expect gas tank explosions and deceptive donuts.
Published Mar 2, 2015
The Boss Pack DLC for this Legend of Zelda spin-off game allows you to play as more than just Ganon.
Published Mar 2, 2015
Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has revealed Vive, a new virtual reality headset that will use Valve's virtual reality technology.
Published Mar 1, 2015
Developer Owlchemy Labs has announced that its Job Simulator will be one of the first projects designed for Valve's SteamVR and other virtual reality devices.Job Simulator takes place in 2050, when the robots have taken over all of our c...
Published Mar 1, 2015
Join us every Sunday as we revisit the best hardware and technology stories from the past seven days. This week, Valve gets ready to dive into virtual reality, Net Neutrality goes into effect, and Nvidia responds to recent allegations of...
Published Mar 1, 2015