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Gaming News
Danny explores Destiny's launch reception and explores how much our young gaming experience crafts the way we see the medium as a whole.
Published Sep 20, 2014
New footage showing off a few minutes of Final Fantasy 15 gameplay. Pardon the video quality and do not let it deceive you: this game is gorgeous.
Published Sep 20, 2014
Cam enlists hacking expert Chris Boyd once more for an investigation into the best (and worst) hacking video games have to offer.
Published Sep 20, 2014
Peter and Mary talk about creating a character and travelling through time in the latest Dragon Ball game.
Published Sep 20, 2014
"Look for D," she says, and I giggle. Internet culture has ruined the fourth letter of the alphabet, and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is drowning in D-driven dialogue. "I must find D," he says, and I become a puerile manchild; every line be...
Published Sep 20, 2014
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