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Gaming News
Half-Life maker Valve has unveiled Steam Link, the Source 2 engine, and more, at the Game Developers Conference today.Steam Link will enable game streaming from Steam Machines, PC, Mac, and Linux PC within a network. It will support 1080...
Published Mar 4, 2015
Veteran Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider is making a big change. He announced today on Twitter that he's leaving the Dragon Age team to work on a secret BioWare game.Gaider"So a bit of news: I have decided leave Dragon Age and move on...
Published Mar 4, 2015
Release dates are revealed for Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, while Dragon Age: Inquisition gets a huge update.
Published Mar 4, 2015
In this panel, moderated by freelance writer Tom Bissell, hear from Telltale's leading writers and designers on what it's like to create stories in an environment where the process of writing and design have increasingly become one.
Published Mar 3, 2015
Both Wasteland 2 and Shovel Knight are headed to Xbox One, Microsoft revealed today.As part of its showing at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft published an extensive list of games "coming soon" to Xbox O...
Published Mar 3, 2015