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Gaming News
XCOM 2 is wearing its PC pride on its sleeve. The upcoming strategy game is a confirmed PC exclusive, with creative director Jake Solomon previously stating that the game couldn't have been made in the same way on the current generation ...
Published Jul 29, 2015
Yager Productions, a sub-division within Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager Developments, has filed for insolvency, following the dissolution of its partnership with Deep Silver for Dead Island 2.In a statement made by managing director Tim...
Published Jul 29, 2015
The day has arrived. Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system and the follow-up to the controversial Windows 8 (there was no Windows 9), launched on Wednesday--and you can probably get it for free.GameSpot sister site CNET has a f...
Published Jul 29, 2015
Academy Award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones will join Matt Damon in the next Bourne movie. Variety has heard from sources that Jones will play a "superior" CIA officer in the movie, not unlike the characters that Chris Cooper, Brian Cox,...
Published Jul 29, 2015
Titanfall 2 isn't the only new Titanfall game in development.Free-to-play gaming giant Nexon on Wednesday announced that its subsidiary Nexon Korea has reached a deal with Electronic Arts for a "PC online version" of Titanfall. The game ...
Published Jul 29, 2015