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Gaming News
Blizzard has revealed what the visual update on the Blood Elf race in the World of Warcraft MMO looks like so far. Posted on the blog, the developer stated that it was happy with the direction of the aesthetic upgrade for the ...
Published Nov 26, 2014
Rockstar Games is giving away a custom designed Grand Theft Auto V-themed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The limited edition consoles are part of a competition hosted to celebrate the launch of the game on current-generation consoles.The co...
Published Nov 26, 2014
Sandbox game Minecraft is getting a downloadable Star Wars skin pack today, exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The announcement was made by Microsoft on the official Microsoft Studios Blog.The Star Wars downloadable content...
Published Nov 26, 2014
Black Friday might mean steep discounts on console games, but nothing beats the prices that PC gamers can find around the holidays. Right now, pre-empting Black Friday, Origin is offering over 200 titles at up to 75% off.You can check ou...
Published Nov 26, 2014
Online gameplay is, for the most part, really good in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Unless you run into some laggy players, in which case... see for yourself.
Published Nov 26, 2014