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Gaming News
In a recent update, the post-apocalyptic MMO survival game Rust got a few unusual changes. The game now randomly selects player's skin color and faces, tying them to each player's Steam ID so that they cannot be changed.Lead designer Gar...
Published Mar 27, 2015
Sci-fi shooter Destiny will be getting the House of Wolves downloadable content pack soon, and Bungie has revealed more information on the patch players will be getting prior to its release. Detailed on the official Bungie site, the upda...
Published Mar 26, 2015
The Handsome Collection struggles with frame rate issues, details on Batman: Arkham Knight’s DLC drop, and Half-Life 2 gets fan-made makeover.
Published Mar 26, 2015
How to reach a secret area in Bloodborne where you can pick up a cool armor set, old hunter bone, and more.
Published Mar 26, 2015
Life is Strange is at its best when it's letting you talk to people. Some of the best moments are between Max, the hero of this story, and Chloe, her new/old best friend. Others involve Max delicately navigating a verbal encounter with l...
Published Mar 26, 2015