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Gaming News
[DISCLOSURE: The subject of this story is a freelance critic who writes for GameSpot]More than two decades ago in early 1990, a hopeful 11-year-old named Jason Venter sent Nintendo of America a document featuring drawings and text; it wa...
Published Jan 26, 2015
Ebay has the best new deal of the day, offering a 32 GB Wii U with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for $260. The seller only has limited quantities of this bundle, so if you're interested you'll want to get it sooner rather than l...
Published Jan 26, 2015
English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran never played video games growing up, something he now thanks his parents for, in part because it helped him pursue other creative avenues, like guitar.The Mirror UK has published an excerpt from his n...
Published Jan 26, 2015
Watch the official EA SPORTS Madden 15 Super Bowl Predictions video now to find out who is going to win Super Bowl 49.
Published Jan 26, 2015
Speaking this past weekend at PAX South, Borderlands franchise creator Matt Armstrong recalled that during early playtests for the original Borderlands (2009), people were easily confused about how its role-playing systems worked, a prob...
Published Jan 26, 2015