History of TSL

Alodar a posted Nov 1, 11
[TSL] - The Shadow Legion was formed on the Pacific Shard in Ultima Online in 1998 and has a long PVP history that has spanned through many games. During our time in UO, we warred any who would cross us and defeated everyone who faced us. Victories against all of the top guilds on Pacific left the name The Shadow Legion engraved in the memories of all those who played during our days there. Known as a fierce fighting force who never backed down from a fight, never gave an inch, and who worked together as a team like no other, still to this day people approach us with memories they have of our many years spend on UO:Pacific.

With the release of Shadowbane, TSL found a new home on the world of Treachery. Having played Beta, we became one of the Covenant of Swords nations and destroyed all who faced us. Quickly realizing that the server was severely unbalanced and that our nation not only held a massive advantage in not only numbers, but skill against the opposing nations who had no previous experience in the game, it was decided among the founding leaders of CoS that one or two of the nations should probably leave to create some competition. After a week with no other guild willing to step forward, the leadership of TSL decided that in order to help the server we would volunteer to leave CoS to help the massively outmatched and outnumbered nations. CoS leadership agreed and TSL left CoS.

TSL left and were immediately looked at as untrustworthy from the few nations that were left to fight off CoS. It was not until TSL came to the aid of [KGB] The Knight of Glory and Beer and helped the allied nations defeat CoS for the first time that TSL was looked upon as an ally. At this point the war began to shift and allied towns were being saved all over the map. For the first time in the history of Treachery, CoS was given a real fight. Eventually the allied nations of CoS/PRX dissolved and the alliance of TSL/KGB/ML ruled the land. The server would be shut down and TSL would again reign supreme on the next two servers they played on until Shadowbane eventually closed their doors for good.

TSL would then move over to World of Warcraft. We would succeed in not only PVP (Arenas and Battlegrounds) but would also thrive at PVE. Being primarily a PVP guild, we were disappointed with the lack of world PVP in World of Warcraft, but many of us would stay with the game for several years hoping that a game would come out where there was a happy medium between instance and non-instance (World) PVP.

Rift brought us another game that TSL became successful at, however the game itself was a failure.  TSL quickly became a well known guild on Regulos as we were often leading groups all over the lands killing any enemies who crossed our path.  Making a name for ourselves in both World PVP and Warfronts (Battlegrounds), TSL quickly rose up as one of the top PVP guilds on the server.  Unfortunately the game itself would not keep the interest of the general playing population and guilds all around us began to disappear.  Servers were deleted, characters were transferred and TSL began to play again on Briarcliff although our numbers had already taken a hit with there being nobody to fight against on our former server.  TSL at our peak had 50+ members on Regulos but have now since halted our concentration on this game with the impending release of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With the impending launch of Guild Wars 2, many of us who played beta discovered that this would be yet another game where we could thrive once again.

Recruitment is not as simple as asking to join TSL.  When joining TSL, you are not looked at as just another number, and we hope that you don't act as one either.  We like our members to be involved within the guild.  We are more than just a group of players.  Many of us are now good friends.  We are very social and enjoy all aspects of gaming together. We are not considered a 'massive recruiting guild' who will add anyone who asks.  We are looking for members who are looking for more than just a guild.

Within our membership we do require that members are respectful and mature towards other guildmates and we strongly encourage the guild to work with each other and this is one of the reasons our bond is so great and long lasting. Many of our members have been playing in various games with each other since the guild was formed in 1998. The people we've picked up along our victories are not only guildmates, but good friends. Other requirements would include the desire to improve on not only your solo abilities, but more importantly your ability to work with a group. We also require all of our members to have the ability to use Ventrilo and have a functioning microphone.

If you wish to contact us further, you can contact us in game, or on our forums (www.shadowlegion.net).

Alodar Sylmor